Designed and Built for Years of Trouble Free Service 

Keg Sentry is a modularized system.  Each draft keg has a dedicated Monitor Module connected to a companion Flow-Sensor in the keg cooler.  This design principle, known as NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE, asserts that if one Monitor Module fails, the failure of that one tap will not affect any other taps.  Therefore, only one action is required; replace the failed Monitor Module with a spare.   

Instead of software, Keg Sentry uses two sets of BINARY SWITCHES to PRESET its required values.  The photograph shows three switches on the left that set KEG SIZE, a LOW-LEVEL ALARM, and two on the right that set a POUR VALUE.   A user enters values by pressing a small detent on the top or bottom of each switch with a ballpoint pen.  

Keg Size:  The Keg Size Switch can be set to any value from 1 to 999.   Using the above photograph as an example, set the Keg Size Switch to 124 for a full keg,  62 for a half keg, etc.  

Pour Value:  The Pour Value Switch on the right sets the Monitor Module to one of the three values currently used Internationally:  The US Pint, the half-liter pour, or the imperial pint. 

Click-to-Cal:  No Math Degree Required

Keg Sentry can fine-tune any Flow-Sensor error to around one pint with a simple adjustment of its Pour Value Switch.  Each click corrects one pint for a 124-pint keg.  For example, suppose three pints of beer remain on the Keg Sentry Monitor Module Display when the first keg blows.  Resetting the Pour Value switch by three, say 14 to 17, will automatically reset the monitor to operate within its specification. 

What if you want to remove then later retap a keg? Record what's left in the keg when pulled, then set that value on the Keg Size Switch when retapped.

Another time-saver: You want to connect three 124-pint kegs in series to save time constantly changing kegs.  No problem, just set the pour value switch to 372 and continue monitoring.