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Draft beer is the highest margin menu item for a restaurant or bar. With the proper pour and storing technique, profit margins as high as 80% are possible,  which is 40-45% higher than bottled and canned beer. The problem; 20% of that profit is lost to waste, fraud, and abuse, much of which is unintentional.   On a 20-tap bar, that is about $130,000 per year.   

Keg Essentials spent over two years of its four-year existence and tens of thousands of dollars to Patent its Monitoring System and did so before raising one dollar or selling one system.  The reason: Generally speaking, anything not patented can be copied, borrowed, or manufactured by anyone.   The Company's Patent No. 11,209,300 was issued on December 28, 2021, essentially giving Keg Essentials 20-year monopoly-like protections.  It prohibits other individuals or companies from making, using, or selling the design without authorization.

Your Point-of-sale (POS) system is the financial linchpin of your bar. From a high-level perspective, it accepts and process payments and manages most aspects of your operations, such as orders, inventory, employees, customer engagement, scheduling, and reporting.

Your POS system catalogs every draft sale with detailed information, including the beer brand, amount poured, and server name.  At the end of each shift, you can run a spreadsheet showing an inventory of the shift sales. 

Your POS System Only Measures the Amount of Beer Sold But Not The Amount Poured

Meet Keg Sentryâ„¢ Our Newly

Patented Draft Beer Monitoring System 

Let Us Show You How Keg Sentry can Help Your Bar Save a Significant

Portion of That 20% 

But there's one glaring problem:  If a bartender gives away 10-pints of beer to their friends without ringing up the sales, the report you get will be short 10-pints.

-  Keg Sentry Was Invented to Fill In this Critical Void - 

In addition to monitoring, an optional Digital Flow Control valve (DFC) is available to shut off long beer lines when their kegs are empty.  The DFC replaces mechanical Foam On Beer detectors (FOBs).

If my barback has to do anything more complicated than pushing a button when they change a keg, I'm not interested in your product.   

The starting point for developing any new product is to ask potential customers what it would take to get them to buy your product. From those conversations,  Keg Essentials developed a comprehensive list of requirements used to create Keg Sentry; however, one show-stopper constantly emerged.   

How did we solve this show-stopper?  First, we left the software out of Keg Sentry, which means you don't have to log on to a computer system at a terminal or with an iPhone every time you change a keg.  In addition, no software means no servers or Internet access is required, and no need to call a third-party help desk when something fails.    

So, with a Keg Sentry System, all your barback has to do when they change a keg is to simply push a button. 

Keg Sentry is a self-contained system.  Instead of servers and application software, the system uses an individual plug-in Monitor Module for each tapped keg.   The Module Modules are then mounted in a Monitor Console, which can be mounted anywhere in your establishment, giving you the full-time, real-time status of your tapped kegs .   

A Keg Sentry Eight Tap System Showing Remaining Pints in a 124 Pint Keg