• Absolutely no computer experience required to program or operate.
  • No software means no downloads, no bugs, no help desk, and never having to reboot your monitoring system.
  • Onetime fixed cost. No monthly per tap recurring cost for cloud software, Internet, or wireless service.
  • Prevents blown kegs by allowing bartenders to quit pouring right when the local display reads zero.
  • Correct any Flow-Sensor error to 1% or less with the click of the Portion Control Switch.

Introducing Keg Sentryâ„¢

Designed to Monitor From 1 to 100+ Draft Beer Taps

Draft beer monitoring systems are needed by bars to determine the amount of beer remaining in each of their tapped kegs. Without monitoring, the industry estimates that 20% of the revenue from a keg is lost from free pours, overpours, and kegs that are replaced by distributors before they are empty.

After an 18-month detailed study of the US draft beer market, Keg Essentials determined that nearly 70% of the taps in the US are not monitored at all. The question:  Bar managers know they are losing money, so why don't they buy monitoring systems.

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The Answer

Today, virtually all monitoring systems are cloud-based, complicated, and require substantial IT support. This is just too costly for many bars. What is needed is a simple monitoring system that displays how much draft beer is left in a keg, and does so in real-time, with a high degree of accuracy, and with a low long-term cost of ownership.