Keg Sentry - Designed to Provide Years of Maintenance Free Operation

No Single Point of Failure (NSPOF)

The "No Single Point of Failure" design principle asserts simply that no single part of a system can stop the entire system from working. 

When applied to Keg Sentry,  NSPOF means that a single failure will effect monitoring only on one tap, and beer will continue to flow while the failed Monitor Module is replaced with a spare.

If Keg Sentry were a cloud-based service, it would become a "Single Point of Failure" system because of its Internet connection to the cloud.  If the connection fails, monitoring will be lost on all taps until it is restored, which, in some cases can takes days or even weeks.      



Keg Sentry - A simple, self-contained Monitoring System.


A single Monitor Module is shown below mounted on a Monitor Module Display Mother Board.          


Below is a simple block diagram showing how individual Keg Sentry Modules are connected together, as well as pictures of each Module taken outside of their respective enclosure.  

Keg Sentry's 12-volt DC Power Module is consider one of the most reliable in the industry, with millions providing backup power to fiber-to-the-home systems such as FiOS.  During a commercial power outage, all Monitor Modules enter a sleep mode, extending battery backup periods to over 20-hours.

Keg Sentry's Flow-Sensor has an accuracy of ±2.0% (±2.5 pints per keg), and a repeatable of ±0.25% (±0.3 pints per keg). There are other variable in draft beer systems that can add small errors, all of which can be tuned out to less than ±1% using Keg Sentry‚Äôs Portion Control.

Flow-Sensor Aggregator is mounted in the beer cooler, and provides a common point to connect multiple Flow-Sensors back to the Monitor Module Display.