Retail Keg Sales

If you sell draft beer by the keg, you are probably met with the same question from your customers on a daily basis:  Do you have anything that will tell me how much beer is left in my keg? 


Your answer today is probably NO, Keg Essentials wants to change that answer to a resounding YES.

Consider not only selling, but also providing a Keg Sentry loaner to your customers.  Given our monitors simplicity and rugged design, it can effectively boost your sales above your competition.     

And here is a really neat feature.  Keg Sentry has a battery pack that will operate the Monitor for over 24-hours so your customer can take it with him or her to the beach.  No more wondering if the keg will float when the day is only half over.  

Kegerator Manufacturers:  Keg Essentials provides an opportunity for your company to integrate draft beer monitoring right into your product line.  Remember, Keg Sentry doesn't need any outside resources such as an Internet connection or an iPhone.  We will work with your engineering department to package our Monitor to meet your specifications.  Keg Sentry's low power consumption makes it ideal for battery powered solutions, such as temporary kegerators that are rolled out during ball games.            

Draft Beer Equipment Companies:  If your company has a full catalog of draft beer equipment that doesn't include a monitor, consider adding Keg Sentry to your list.  We can build and ship directly to your customers.