The problems didn't stop with replacing the kegs.  This particular bar has very long beer lines, two of which filled with foam when their kegs blew.  The bartender then flushed the two lines with beer from replacement kegs to clear the foam.  The result; around $50.00 worth of beer was flushed right down the drain.  

The Keg Essentials' story began over five years ago when Bill Johnson, the Company's founder, was sitting in a local pub in Plano, Texas.   Shortly after he arrived, a new bartender "blew"  three kegs of draft beer, a term used to describe a keg that has run dry and is spewing foam from its tap.  Happy-hour turned into a very upset bartender looking for someone to replace the 160-pound kegs and a group of customers who were equally upset because the bar had just run out of their favorite brew. 

This event prompted Bill to ask the bar manager how they keep track of how much beer remains in each keg in real-time.  The answer was surprising - THEY DON'T.   How do they inventory their draft beer?  Each month they TENTH each keg, a rather arcane method whereby the resident "big guy" is sent to the cooler to shake each tapped keg and estimate how many tenths are left.  

After a year-long study of the draft beer market Bill Johnson and his Business Partner Mack Eaves started Keg Essentials, Bill is responsible for Keg Sentry's complete design and development.  

Before retiring from the telecommunications industry, Bill served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of a high-tech Fortune 500 Company in his last corporate position.  His 45-year career predominantly focused on designing and constructing long-haul fiber-optic transmission systems and large data centers in the US and Asia.   

Bill served six years in the United States Coast Guard during the Vietnam war.

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