The problems didn't stop with replacing the kegs.  This particular bar has very long beer lines, two of which filled with foam when the kegs blew.  The bartender then had to flush the two lines with beer from the new kegs to clear out the foam.  For both kegs, this amounted to around 16-pints of beer at $5.00 per pint, or $80.00 in lost sales. 

The Keg Essentials' story began over two-years ago when the Company's founder, Bill Johnson, was sitting in a local pub in Plano, Texas.   Over a period of about 30-minutes, a new bartender "blew"  three kegs of draft beer, a term used to describe a keg that has run dry and is spewing foam from its tap.   Happy hour then turned into a very upset bartender looking for someone to replace the 160-pound kegs, and a group of customers who were equally upset because the bar had just run out of their favorite brew. 

Our Story

This event prompted Bill to ask the bar manager how they keep track of how much beer is left in each keg in real-time.  The answer was surprising - THEY DON'T.   They do; however, TENTH each keg, a rather arcane method, whereby the resident "big guy" is sent to the cooler to shake each tapped keg and estimate how many tenths are left.  

Wondering if this bar was the exception or the rule, Bill visited dozens of small and medium size bars over the next month, and again none had monitoring systems.   In order to determine if this was truly an unserved market nationwide, Bill and his business partner, Mack Eaves undertook a major study that included data from current census databases, individual state data and visited over 7,000 bar and restaurant websites in 19 different states.       

Based on the business opportunity unveiled by this extensive study,   Keg Essentials was formed and incorporated in the State of Texas,  and began the development of Keg Sentry, a non-software based draft beer monitoring system designed for bars and restaurants that have chosen not to add the cost and complexity of a cloud-based system to their operating cost. 

The Obvious Question, Surely there is Already a Solution for this Large Unserved Market -  OR IS THERE ?

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